Dover College



Following an incredible start to the academic year, the Prep school races to half term with as much gusto and energy as day one. No two days are ever the same and there is so much going on every day; our buildings buzz with the excitement of learning differently!

To mention just a few highlights, Prep 6 have been enjoying their weekly lessons in the senior school laboratories with Ms Rolfe, one of our science specialist teachers. They have been mesmerised by the planning and making of simple circuits, learning practically and creatively to understand how the components work together. The faces of concentration and beaming smiles captured in the below photographs speak for themselves.

In English, Prep 6 have been looking at environemental activist, Greta Thunberg. Creating a personal profile for her detailing both her personal and public life, pupils are now studying her speeches in order to identify features of persuasion within them. Looking ahead, the class will be planning and writing their own Greta-inspired speeches to promote environmental awareness.

In Forest School, Prep 5 have been helping Miss Bean with the construction of the Mud Hog which is now well under construction. Pupils have supported the project by building up the shape for the hogs face using crates and lots and lots of mud. A big thank you to the Warnock family for donating all of the soil!

Meanwhile, in Prep 2, pupils have been getting to grips with writing instructions and designing recipes which have resulted in some simply delicious smoothies to share with their families. Discussing the benefits of eating your 5 a day, Prep 2 are one step ahead of the rest of the Prep School who look forward to celebrating Healthy School Week this week.

At Dover Prep School our lessons conclude at 4pm, however the school is still buzzing as pupils embrace our extensive after school programme. One of the most popular activities being our own Beavers and Cubs packs, where last week pupils learnt about fire safety, having a go at lighting a fire themselves using a steel and flint before making hot jam sandwiches over the fire – sounds delicious.

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