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Prep School Remote Learning Blog

Prep School Remote Learning Blog

The Summer Term has begun and there is no disputing that our remote learning has been met with huge enthusiasm and excitement despite not being physically back in our beautiful school.

Pupils across the Prep School from the 3-year old Muddy Knees pupils to the role models in Prep 6 have been taking part in a host of online lessons, projects, activities and even forest school all of which have been shared across our social media channels throughout the week.

The nursery pupils have been living up to their name and getting muddy knees as they search for mini beasts outside in the glorious sunshine extending their learning by playing games to identify the characteristics, numeracy activities and plenty of drawing and painting. Pupils have also enjoyed getting to grips with Busythings to support the Early Years Foundation Stage phonics curriculum.

As is characteristic of our youngest pupils, they haven’t stopped moving and have enjoyed starting each day keeping active through the wonderful PE with Joe as well as Go Noodle and Yoga. And after a busy day of learning have loved settling down for story time read by a familiar face.

Prep 1 and 2 started the week reading The Snail on the Whale by Julia Donaldson which sparked an abundance of imagination as pupils extended their learning by recreating the story in numerous ways. From creating models, beautiful paintings, Lego and an enormous art installation made of bed sheets there is no doubting the creativity in action!

Wednesday’s timetable included our traditional sporting afternoon with pupils wearing the Dover College sports kit to get outside in their gardens and take part in a comprehensive training session devised by our very own sports specialist, Mr Annakie. If the children didn’t sleep well that night, we will be amazed!

Pupils further up the Prep School have embraced a number of different topic areas including The Ancient Greeks in Prep 3 and 4 with pupils writing myths, creating their own Greek gods as well as exploring maps of Greece. In addition, Prep 3 and 4 enjoyed exploring the emotions created through music before writing their own emotions poetry.

At the top of the Prep School, pupils started the week with a creative challenge, researching Aboriginal Art before creating their own works of art, there are definitely some budding artists amongst them! Pupils then rose to their science challenge, learning about differing ecosystems finding it fascinating many of the pupils created in depth videos to share with their fellow pupils – keep up the good work!

With Forest School being a highlight of many of our pupil’s week, this was not to be missed. Pupils across the school were set the challenge of creating their own obstacle course and wow we have seen some elaborate constructions in back gardens across the county which we share with you in the gallery below.

We have been delighted to receive many extremely positive notes from parents, a few of which we are delighted to share with you.

“I would like to thank you and the whole team for your hard work that you have put into the programme! You’ve made our lives so much easier and stress less- knowing that it’s all prepared for our little people and not having to overthink things – thank you, thank you, thank you!” (Muddy Knees Parent)

“A huge thank you, a very successful morning of learning. Great structure and online support available” (Prep 6 parent)

“Wonderful to see our son so engaged and happy at the start of term yesterday. He was bouncing telling his dad about each class yesterday and proud to show his work. Fantastic to see, we are extremely lucky to have such a learning platform in place. Thank you all for the hard work put in” (Prep 6 parent)

We are looking forward to lots more learning next week and the Headmaster in particular can’t wait to see what our pupils get up to in their ‘inspiration isolation stations’ across the county. We miss you all, look after yourselves and look after one another.