Dover College



U9 Football v Northbourne Park

The U9’s played against Northbourne Park. We started off with some excellent play from Cooper which meant we scored our first goal. Josh made some amazing passes which led to two more goals. The final score was 3-0.

We then played a training match to finish the afternoon.

Man of the Match – Humphrey for his excellent defending.


U9 Hockey v St Lawrence and Wellesley House

The U9 girls played a tournament against St Lawrence and Wellesley House. It was a strong St Lawrence team that we played against but we made some fabulous passes including one from Aleiya and some perfect touches from Perdie. The final score was 5-1 to them.

The next match was against Wellesley House. We made some great saves especially by Amaya and some amazing hits from Sophia. The final score was 3-1 to them – better luck next time!

Man of the Match – Edith for her astonishing defence when she wasn’t on the floor!


U11 Football Tournament

On Wednesday, 6thNovember Dover Prep School played at a tournament ay Junior King’s.

Our first match was against St Lawrence and we started well by passing the ball well between us but unfortunately they scored a goal. We won the ball again and then we passed it up to the front and Joe scored. End of the match 1-1.

The second match was against Wellesley House and we played well but unfortunately lost 1-0.

Our third match was against Kent College. They were an excellent side and we were on the wrong end of a 3-0 score.

Then the semi-finals when we played St Edmund’s. They started with the ball, unfortunately they got a very early goal. We tried extremely hard to get back into the game but couldn’t. Let’s try and put it rights this afternoon against St Faith’s!


U11 Hockey Tournament

On Wednesday the 6thof November we had an away tournament at St Lawrence.

We first played St Lawrence, we played great but at the end of the match it was 0-0.

Next we played Wellesley House and we did some amazing tackling but unfortunately they scored one. But once we started we got the ball in the D, Alex took a shot and the ball went in. It was unfortunate that they went on to score again just before full time. 2-1 to them.

On our return journey Mr Ives must have been deaf from our really loud singing and when I mean I say loud I mean really loud! PS we aren’t paying for your hearing aids Mr Ives!

Player of the Match – Alex for her amazing goal.