Dover College



U11 Rugby A Team v Wellesley House

On Wednesday 22nd January the U11 rugby team played our first match of the season against Wellesley House. In the first half Wellesley started with the ball and passed it to there flank and scored. It was then our ball now and it was passed to Sascha who scored a try. It was then half time. In the second half the team kept the ball for long periods of time playing very well, passing off the floor and out of tackles. Unfortunately, due to some small handling errors we lost possession which resulted in some easy tries for Wellesley. We kept trying to  get a try, we pushed forward however, Wellesley managed to get another try. Well done Wellesley, better luck next time Dover College.


U11 Rugby B Team v Wellesley House

On Wednesday 22nd January Dover College B team played against Wellesley House. We started well with some good passes from Theo and James but unfortunately they scored five tries. The whistle blew from half time and Mr Annakie gave us a great team talk, the whole team was determined to get back in the game! We started the second half amazingly with some great tackles by everyone. James, Leo and myself scored some good tries and we made great combat before the final whistle blew. The score was 6-5 to us. Man of the match for his best effort, Joe.


U9 Rugby Festival at Northbourne Park

Wednesday, 22nd January the U9’s played a rugby festival at Northbourne Park. Our first match was against Wellesley House and we started with some good plays from Cooper and eventually scored some excellent tries by Oliver, Cooper, Josh and myself. The final score was 7-6 to us. The next game was against Northbourne Park, we started strong with brilliant runs from James and Cooper preventing them from 8 tries. The final score was 8-6 to us. Man of the match, Humphrey for great defending, he’s like a human wall!


U11 Netball v Wellesley  House

On Wednesday the 22nd, the U11 girls had our first match of the season against Wellesley House. We played in quarters of 7 minutes each. They started with the first centre pass and moved quickly with the Dover College girls making some excellent interceptions. Half time was called and we had an encouraging talk with Mrs Gardener. We carried on playing with some amazing play and we did not give up. Well done girls. Player of the match Bea for her excellent interceptions.


U9 Netball v Northbourne Park

We started the game enthusiastically. Amaya made some great passes and so did Perdie. We intercepted amazingly although Northbourne were very good and fought back. The final score was 11-1 to them, better luck next time. Player of the match Aleiya for scoring our only goal.