Dover College



U9 Boys Football

Wednesday, 18th September, the U9 boys played against Northbourne Park. We started off strong with some good passes by Josh which led to the first goal. Cooper created some good space and scored. Humphrey made some good saves. Unfortunately, they got around us and scored a goal however, the final score was 1-9 to us!

Man of the match the whole team for excellent play and determination.


U11 A Boys Football

On Wednesday the 18th of September the U11 boys travelled to St Lawrence. We started with the ball and scored a great goal thanks to Joe. Unfortunately, the opposition managed to score another 3 goals before half time. Mr Annakie gave us a great team talk before we started the second half.

We started the second half with enthusiasm and ready to try our best. We got another brilliant goal scored by Joe which was assisted by James. Unlucky, they scored another three goals which put them 4 goals ahead. The final whistle blew, and the score was 6-2 to them.

Better luck next time boys, man of the match – everyone for their best effort.


U11 B Boys Football

On Wednesday the 18th September we had a match against St Lawrence. We had an amazing start but sadly they score 3 goals in the second half which made the score 3-0 to them. Man of the match, Bailey for his brilliant goal keeping.


U9 Girls Hockey

We started off amazingly. After two minutes Wellesley House scored the first goal but there was still ten minutes of the first half remaining.

At half time it was 3-0 to Wellesley House with great tackles from Isabella and some fantastic saves from Amelia, Amaya, Edith and Perdie. We had a great team talk from Mrs Gardener and the whistle blew to start the second half and it was a Dover College ball. We scored a goal with a fabulous pass from Sophia.

The final whistle blew, it was 6-1 – better luck next time. Girl of the match was Aleiya because of her never give up attitude.

Final note: you all did so well, never give up!


U11 Girls Hockey

Northbourne Park started but we were quick to tackle and receive the ball. We succeeded in some amazing passing and Evelyn was spectacular in her first time of being goalie. Everyone tried hard to beat Northbourne especially as we knew what excellent players they were. Miss Mills was a fabulous coach and all the player were brilliant. Well done girls, great effort.