Dover College



U11 A Football v Wellesley House

Dover Prep School played a home match against Wellesley House on Wednesday, 20th November.

Wellesley House started with the ball but that didn’t stop us from getting the ball off them and getting up front with the ball. Joe passed the ball to Zac and crossed it but unfortunately there defence gt the ball and passed it to their wing however, time had run out and it was half time.

During half time we had a good team talk with Mr Annakie before starting the second half with the ball, we passed it up to the front but missed the goal, they then got the ball up to the front but we took it back however, the final whistle blew and it was the end of the match. Result 0-0.

Man of the match was Shiven for some amazing defending.


U11 B Football v Wellesley House

Dover College B team had a match against Wellesley House. We started off amazingly by keeping the ball mostly out of their half. We had a lot of shots but none of them scored. Unfortunately, they scored a goal 1-0 to them. At half time Mr Annakie gave us an amazing team talk.

In the second half we had lots of tackling from Tom but none of our team scored in the second half. End of the match 1-0 to Wellesley House. Better luck next time. Man of the match everyone for their amazing effort.


U9 v Hockey v Wellesley House

We played against Wellesley House. The game started enthusiastically but they scored a goal. It was half time and the score was 1-2 to them. It was the end of the match and the score was 2-4 (Edith scored the second goal) to the other team. Man of the match was Amaya for her great defence. P.S Edith was still on the floor just doing the splits. I know we can win next time.