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Priory Garden Development

Priory Garden Development

Students of Priory House have been developing the garden at the rear of the building since the Summer term. A large amount of remedial work needed to take place and students spent a long time de-weeding the existing flowerbeds.

Once the garden had been tidied, a number of flowers and vegetables were planted and, over the Summer holidays, have bloomed! Peas and beans, pumpkins and some truly huge courgettes have all been harvested and eaten by the students.

Pictured are Tyler Henderson, Alvaro Morales Lopez and Angelique Taylor holding the three pumpkins they have grown. The pumpkins have made their way down to the Great Hall where the kitchen staff will turn them into something delicious.

The students are now beginning to turn a new leaf and prepare for the Spring .

All vegetable plants were kindly donated to Priory House by Coldred Plant Nursery