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Pupils Welcome D-Day Veterans

Pupils Welcome D-Day Veterans

Pupils Welcome D-Day Veterans Return to Dover Following Celebrations Across The Channel

On the 9th June, the ship carrying 255 D-Day veterans back from the commemorations in France was diverted at short notice back into Dover due to adverse weather conditions.

The MV Boudicca had been due to dock in Portsmouth for an official welcome home party and fireworks. The Royal British Legion said adverse weather conditions caused by Storm Miguel meant the ship had been diverted to Dover. The charity urged people in the Kent town to “step up and give our Normandy heroes the welcome back they deserve”. Bob Gamble, the charity’s Assistant Director of Commemorative Events said: “Unfortunately the weather conditions mean that our veterans will miss out on the activity the people of Portsmouth had planned for them as they arrived back. We’re encouraging people to do whatever they can” to which pupils and staff of Dover College responded.

Mr Kibler and Mr Irwin rallied the boarders and took our mini buses to the port to see the Boudicca cruise liner come in. Joining the thousands of people on the seafront, pupils got to see the boat being moored up, a band play 1940’s music and some splendid dancing (not from Mr Kibler or Mr Irwin, thankfully). After a short while, the pupils returned to school with some fantastic photos and fabulous memories.