The heart of our community

The Christian faith has been at the heart of Dover College’s spiritual identity since the School was founded. In the 21st Century, multi-cultural Britain, we seek to remain true to those Christian foundations, whilst welcoming those from a variety of faith backgrounds (or none). Pupils are encouraged to be open-minded and think for themselves as they encounter the Christian faith in Chapel and on other informal occasions. The spiritual aim of the College is to nurture faith where it exists while arousing curiosity in all pupils towards their spiritual dimension.

The senior school community worships in Chapel every Wednesday and Friday lunchtime. There is also a weekly Holy Communion Service for Staff and pupils on Wednesday prior to the senior school service.

The Guesthouse Chapel Service at 10.00am is held, for the whole community including visitors, every Sunday, including holiday time.

Dover College

Coronavirus precautions

If you are visiting or planning a visit to Dover College and have been in China during the previous 14 days, could we ask that you email or call 01304 205969 to rearrange your visit for a later date.

Thank you.