Learning Resources

Our pupils are the most important resource in the school.

We have up to date systems and resources in all areas of the school but encouraging pupils to be creative is our main aim.

Our classrooms reflect the creative aspect of our ethos with pupil work and achievement celebrated in an open environment and this spills out into the foyer areas in the teaching blocks.

We have an extensive state-of-the-art ICT wireless system that allows pupils to access information on their own devices. Our Intranet contains subject information from all our courses and information that goes beyond the confines of the specification.

Our Learning Resource Centre is a modern area for independent learning using information technology or the more traditional book. It contains extensive guidance on careers and University applications. It is a focal point for study outside the classroom and has open areas for alternative lesson delivery.

A recently built Lecture Theatre accommodates our extensive programme of talks for academic societies. In addition, the Sixth Form has a programme of weekly lectures by outside speakers on a diverse range of topics.

We are not confined to Dover College for our studies. Pupils need to learn about the world around them. We have an extensive programme of trips locally, nationally and internationally. London is only one hour away and recent international trips have included France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Ukraine.