School Council

The Pupil Voice: Prefects and School Council

School Prefects come from the Upper Sixth and are appointed by the Headmaster, following staff and pupil vote and interview process. They are selected on their suitability to undertake the various tasks expected of them and are awarded positions with specific responsibilities, which play to their individual strengths.

They meet weekly with the Deputy Head Academic and Head of Sixth Form. The two Heads of School (one boy and one girl) also have a weekly meeting with the Headmaster. Our Prefects are chosen based on being capable but not arrogant, caring and acutely aware of the need to encourage harmonious community living by being positive role models.

Prefects are critical to the smooth running of the school.  They supervise a number of activities such as chapel services, lunch times and assist with hosting major external and internal events. Most importantly, they are the interface between the pupil body and the staff.  All Prefects are inducted in key leadership skills, learning to listen and to represent the pupil body regarding issues, concerns or areas of improvement. They also receive basic safeguarding awareness training.

The School Council offers a voice for all pupils. Members are elected from within their own houses to provide a forum for debate and to suggest improvements across the school, as well as to participate in democratic decision making. Meetings are chaired by the Prefect for School Council and minutes are taken.