Senior School

A pupil’s mind will grow and develop to think differently so long as they are empowered to discuss and debate, feeling that their opinions are valued.

It is all about thinking differently. No great invention was created through accepting the status quo. No successful career was achieved through staying static. Education is not about the filling of buckets. Examination success can only be achieved by the lighting of fires within us enabling the ongoing sparks to illuminate the darkness and encourage us to think differently.

Our pupils achieve exceptional results within a caring, cosmopolitan and diverse environment that encourages integration and mutual respect.

Good results are achieved by our small class sizes, teachers who are well qualified, able to differentiate, providing extension work for our Able, Gifted and Talented pupils as well as reinforcement work for those who need it.

Our GCSE and Sixth Form provision has recently been totally overhauled, and we are proud of our three new pathways – the GCSE+, A Level+ and the BTEC driven Careers Programme. We are one of the very few independent schools ensuring that our pupils are fully prepared for Higher Education as well as the world of work. These pathways include a Thinking Differently Programme and Leadership & Service Programme, and we are confident that with these enrichment options, our pupils will develop the critical skills to succeed in a workplace that is becoming ever more automated.

To find out more about daily life in our Senior School and get a snapshot of the warmth, creativity and exceptional educational standards that we offer, do have a look at our video:

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