Careers Programme

Preparation for tomorrow’s world.

Our Careers Programme offers pupils the opportunity to study BTEC qualifications, which are more vocational in their nature. Dover College is leading the way and is one of the very few independent schools ensuring that our pupils are fully prepared for Higher Education as well as the world of work.

Pupils choosing the Careers Programme study one or two BTEC Level 3 courses from National Certificate Level up to National Extended Diploma, equivalent to 0.5 to 3 A Levels respectively. Pupils can also choose one additional subject from the A-Level+ course if desired.

Pupils on the Careers Programme will also be introduced to sector leading enrichment programmes in the form of a Thinking Differently Programme as well as a Leadership & Service Programme. Sixth Form pupils will also complete an Extended Project Qualification. With these enrichment options, the aim is that pupils will develop the critical skills to succeed in a workplace that is becoming ever more automated.

For further details on our Careers Programme, please download our Careers Programme Guide available below.