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Sponsored Walk Information 2019

Sponsored Walk Information 2019

The walk is over a distance of 25kms, starting at the south end of the Quayside in the town of Sandwich and ending in the College grounds. This one-day walk is an opportunity to experience an exhilarating stroll along the ancient Saxon Shore Way and White Cliffs Country Trail. The Junior School will walk a shorter section of the main route; They will provide details of all arrangements separately from the Senior School walk.

Transport will be provided from School to the start point in Sandwich. All day pupils wishing to meet at School must be on site by 08:15 in order to be registered before the coach departs at 08:45.

Day pupils who live nearer the walk’s start point can travel directly to Sandwich Quay Car Park (CT13 9EN) and must arrive for 09:10. However, this must be arranged prior to the day and your son or daughter’s Housemaster/Housemistress needs to be informed.

To ensure consistency and accurate record keeping, we require parents of day pupils to email your son or daughter’s Housemaster/Housemistress informing them if you would like your child to travel from the College or meet at Sandwich. Please can this be completed by Friday 15th March.

Pupils are encouraged to gain as many sponsors as possible prior to the event (a copy of the form is attached to this email). In addition to the paper sponsorship form, an online sponsorship campaign has also been launched. We would be grateful if staff, pupils and parents could share the online sponsorship link in order to widen our sponsorship appeal.

If you would like to donate online, please visit:

Pupils are advised to wear sensible clothing such as strong shoes/boots, carry a raincoat, take personal medicines and carry water in a small rucksack. Pupils must not bring glass bottles or fizzy drinks. It is a good idea to carry small snacks and edible treats. Our outstanding Catering Department will provide lunch for all pupils at the halfway point of The Zetland Arms (CT14 8AF).

For most of the pupils taking part, the walk will take approximately five-hours. It is expected that the last pupils will be at school ready for collection by 16:00. Pupils will be checked regularly along the walk and there will be members of staff walking the route too.

A PDF route plan of the walk is available below for reference. In the eventuality that the weather forecast does not allow the walk to happen, all pupils and parents will be informed.


Sponsored Walk route map