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Sporting Success

Sporting Success

Thomas in Year 9 School House is shooting on Saturday 21st April in the British Schools and Young Shots Championship 2018 at Sporting Targets in Bedford. He will be representing the school at this event- so we are hopeful for a good result for Thomas and as a result the school.

On Sunday 22nd April he will be shooting in Honesberie in Daventry. This is in the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association Premier League, which after three rounds Thomas is currently leading. He is leading overall, leading Colt Class (shooters up to 16 years of age) and C class, which is the class he currently shoots in. He is shooting for Southdowns Shooting Club, West Sussex, in The Premier League. There is a long way to go as there are 11 rounds, with a competitor’s 6 best scores making up their overall score. Thomas is hoping to get all 6 of his rounds done before June, before he has a change in his handicap as he begins shooting in a higher class.

Most importantly of all on Sunday 15th April Thomas won his class, C class, in the Essex Masters. This was a competition with approx. 3000 shooters, 500 of whom were in Thomas’ class. Thomas won with a score of 173/200, which was 2 rounds of an 86/100 and 87/100 on the 2 different courses. An unbelievable score for his class! Thomas’ prize was a £1,200 12-bore shotgun.

The Essex Masters is seen as one of the country’s premier shooting competitions, considered a Major, and for Thomas to win his class in his first year of competing is unbelievable; the whole of Dover College is most proud of him. 

Thomas seems to be getting into a rhythm currently with a massive improvement since the New Year. He is now shooting regularly in the mid to high 80s,a noticeable achievenment on this time last year when his scores were in the low to mid 60s.  

We will be keeping you updated on his performance and wish him lots of luck in his future events.

Mr Irwin

Housemaster of School House.