Dover College

Sports Days

Sports Days

Summer Term is always full of exciting events and two of the biggest are the Junior and Senior School Sports Days.

On Friday 15th June each and every pupil in the Junior School took part in our Junior Sports Day, starting with the whole school performing the opening dance to Shakira’s Waka Waka with much dabbing and flossing!

The sun continued to shine as pupils competed in a plethora of heats from the egg and spoon race to the sack race, the house relay to the 200m not to mention the highly fought tug of war. Congratulations go to all the pupils who gave it their all.

Special mention to Kevin Wang and Maddie Richardson who won the Victor Ludorum and Victrix Ludorum respectively. The overall winning house was Ashton.

The sun continued to shine the following day for the Senior School event and participants gave their all to do their best for their houses. There were some truly outstanding performances from all of the houses, but in the end there was a difference of just 8 points between the top two. Well done to School House for winning the Senior School Sports Day and congratulations to Duckworth for coming a close second.