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Weekly Blog

A brilliantly busy week in the bustling Bursary. Who said the educators wouldn’t rub off on the support staff?! However, Bursars aren’t known for their especially effective way with words, so I’ll get straight to the heart of the blog, which this week is about teamwork.

As well as a reminder of how the sunshine really can lift your mood, this week has also been a great reminder for me about the importance of teamwork. Alongside leadership, it is something that I learnt a lot about during my time in the Army. Teamwork is essential to the success of most tasks – in the field and in the office – and I would encourage everyone to grasp any opportunity they can to practice it (it’s practice that makes perfect, not luck, as my seven-year old son told me after his cricket practice last night!).

We have had a lot of change in the Bursary these last couple of weeks, with a huge turnover of staff; we’ve said cheerio to familiar faces who have served the College, and in turn welcomed some new talent in IT, Accounts, Catering and the main office. I can’t tell you how impressed I have been with all of the new staffs’ positive attitudes and general resilience as I have watched them get stuck into their roles and not only quickly adjust to their new surroundings, but immediately identify and initiate change. All of this has been done to great effect, at what could have been a really challenging time; ‘pessimists see the difficulty in every opportunity; optimists see the opportunity in every difficulty’ as Churchill said, and thank goodness we recruited a bunch of optimists who were willing to work together for the greater good! It has been humbling and will be a privilege to lead this team of support staff going forward through exciting times for the College. The Governors’ Finance Committee meeting on Friday, and wonderful Open Morning on Saturday, were further examples of the power of the team; everyone working together to achieve so much more than they could alone – and looking out for one another.

Looking forward, I am honoured to be taking the ski trip away at Easter along with Mr Patterson, Miss Marie and Mr Flower. As well as not forgetting my sense of humour when the pupils and Mr Patterson beat me down the slalom course, I will also be looking out for good examples of teamwork throughout the trip. Another of my favourite Churchill quotes will undoubtedly get me through that too – never, never, never give up! I’m most looking forward to getting to know some of the pupils better during that week, and will no doubt be further inspired by their brilliance!