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“You’re like one big family no matter what year you are in.” Ellie, former Junior School pupil, from Hythe

“Hello my name is Lucy. I started here this September having gone to school at a local state school. In the state school there were lots of people and I kept getting lost. Dover College is a small school which means that I know everyone in my House so if I get lost I am able to ask someone for help. Although the school day is longer than at my previous school I have found that I have less homework to do at home as I am able to do it in my activity time after school. I am really glad that I chose to come to Dover College.” Year 7 pupil, Lucy from Deal.

“Hello my name is Molly, I am Head Prefect of Neville House one of the three Houses we have in Priory. I started in Year 1 at Dover College in 2005 and have enjoyed every minute of it. I have represented the school at all the three main sports Hockey, Netball and Rounder’s as well Cross Country and Athletics. Sport is one of my favourite things to do. Outside of school I like to horse ride. I am able to do this as an activity here at school and will be able to achieve GCSE’s and A level’s in it. Dover College has given me so many opportunities, I am able to play musical instruments, sing in the Choir and perform in school plays. Most of all, the best thing I enjoy about Dover College is the fact that it is like a family especially within the Priory House.” Molly, Year 7 pupil from Walmer.

“Hello my name is Joseph. I started at Dover College in Year 4 September 2008 in the Infant and Junior School. I sat the 11 + and had the choice to go to a Grammar school however I chose to stay at Dover College and join the Senior school. I am going to tell you why I chose to. Firstly I liked the fact that the link with the Junior and the Senior school was very strong so that I was able to move quite easily across to the Senior school. I enjoy Priory House and within it being able to be a member of Christian House. I like the House competitions and the sport as well as the trips and activities we have done. I have made lots of new friends and although there is some homework it is not as much as I thought and my teachers are all very supportive and helpful.” Year 7 pupil, Joseph from Folkestone.

“You made him feel very much at home. We can say with pride and honesty that Ben has thoroughly enjoyed his time with you and you have pushed him on to achieve some excellent 11-plus results. But much more than that, you have given him the confidence to try new things and instilled in him an enjoyment for learning. Dover College is genuinely a warm, friendly education environment. ” Dr and Mrs Fairclough,  former parents from Folkestone.

“Thank you for all your hard work with Sebastian we have noticed fantastic changes in him. ” Ms Squire,  current parent from Folkestone.

“Dover College brings the best out of its pupils. My two children have settled in amazingly quickly and gained confidence in leaps and bounds since September. Money well spent…” Mr Lynch, current parent

“I like boarding at Dover College. I have plenty of time to do my homework and spend time with my friends.” Boarding pupil in Year 7

“We have been delighted with the education Harrie has received at Dover College, she has been very fortunate to have had three outstanding teachers in Miss Bean, Mrs Squire and now Mrs Richardson. ” Major and Mrs Richardson,  Year 2 parents posted in Dover.

“I am pleased in the renewed interest that Luk is taking in his studies!” Dr van Steirteghem, Year 10 new parent from Brussels.

“We wanted to thank you for everything you have done with Maddie. We have seen her blossom in your care and she adores school, this is thanks to you and your approach to the children. We are so grateful that it was you who introduced Maddie to school and gave her the best start possible. We look forward to her brother starting next year. ” Mr and Mrs Warnock,  current parents from Capel-le-Ferne.

“Words can not thank you enough for giving Eva such a brilliant start. She has really flourished under your care and thrived in such an exciting environment. It has been such a positive experience for her that we feel confident about her coping and enjoying primary school. Over the last two years Eva has loved all the activities and we greatly appreciate your careful attention to nurturing her individual interests. She’ll miss you all tremendously.” Mrs Scates, former Reception parent from Canterbury

“I would say that it is a very friendly atmosphere. The teachers here are very pleasant and it’s nice to have the Houses as well instead of just year groups. It’s nice to mix with different years because the you get to make more friends and older friends. It’s nice because then older ones get to know the school more and you can chat to them.” Year 11 boarding pupil.

“It’s small and family. Even the day pupils are like a huge family to us and I feel I have known them my whole life. We are quite good friends with a lot of older pupils and the younger ones we just seem to look after… It’s fun to mess around with the younger ones sometimes.” Year 10 International pupil

” It’s spacious because it’s nicely spread around The Close. And it’s nice that you have all the Houses and Refectory around The Close. The academic side is on another side of the School so in the evening, if you are a boarder, it feels more like your home.” Year 10 International pupil

“It’s a really historical School. It’s nice to have something from way back.” Year 9 pupil

“The one thing that stands out is that we are all welcoming and just one huge family. Whenever someone new comes in, everyone knows them and is friends with them in the first week. There’s no popularity contests or anything. If someone doesn’t do so well it’s not something we look down on.” Year 10 International pupil

“It’s become a second family hasn’t it… a second life. You are very close to your boarding Housemistress and you feel that you can trust them because they will always be behind you.” Year 9 boarding pupil

“Well I was a student at Dover College in the early 80s and I found the experience a little scary for the first couple of weeks but after that the excitement of it all takes over. I strongly believe that I learned a lot of very valuable life lessons in a safe environment and it made me a more confident adult, and what more could you ask for for your children!” Alison Wolstenholme, Old Dovorian


Quotes from the latest Independent Schools Inspectorate Report from January 2012:

“Outstanding pastoral care results in a friendly community where pupils feel highly valued.”

“Pupils’ development is excellent throughout the school, fully meeting its aims of developing confidence by educating the whole person.”

“The children’s behaviour is exceptionally good.”

“Children are helpful, thoughtful and cooperative.”