Dover College

Learning Support

Learning support

A ‘whole school approach’ to special educational needs

Dover College is committed to:

  • Providing all pupils with the opportunity to achieve their potential both academically and in terms of personal development and to maximise their talents and strengths
  • Ensuring that pupils with special educational needs can fulfil their potential and achieve optimal educational outcomes.

We believe all children should be responsibly included in the social and curricular life of the school in order to gain the highest levels of achievement and enjoyment.  We see our school as a community where we involve pupils themselves, parents and teachers in developing a partnership of support.

The Learning Support Department is a dedicated centre where pupils throughout the College can receive the support they require, gain confidence in their abilities and develop strategies to enable them to become independent learners. The staff in the Learning Support Department work in close cooperation with subject teachers and parents and all College staff are encouraged to recognise their responsibility for the education of pupils with specific difficulties.

We recognise that all pupils have abilities, talents and qualities, which need to be identified, nurtured and developed both at home and at school, and that some pupils are exceptional in specific areas. We believe that by identifying the very able, we can assess their needs and provide appropriate opportunities for extension and enrichment both within the school and through participation in extra-curricular activities.

To reach their full potential, Able, Gifted and Talented pupils need challenging tasks that stretch them intellectually and therefore:

  • Identifies its Able, Gifted and Talented pupils
  • Raises the awareness of the needs of these pupils
  • Creates a climate in which teachers adapt and adjust to take account of pupils’ rapid development
  • Ensures that all teachers are able to share in providing the level of subject support needed
  • Draws on resources for gifted and talented pupils.