OD Club & Trust

Supporting the college

The objective of the OD Club is to maintain contact between past, present and future pupils of Dover College, through the fostering friendships amongst its members and the wider College community.

The Old Dovorian Club also supports a number of different Club groups and Club activities, which are there for the benefit of its members.

The Club fields a number of sports teams to play against the College throughout the year. This is in addition to hosting its annual drinks party in mid-January at the RAF Club in Piccadilly, as well as organising a number of other formal and informal gatherings throughout the year.

To help keep its members informed of what is happening at the College, as well as Club news, activities and members’ news, the Old Dovorian Club issues a news publication called the ‘Dovorian News’. This publication comes out in June and December and is emailed out to all of its members, as well as being published on the Club’s digital platforms.

As part of the Club’s communication strategy, the Club also runs a number of social media platforms, all of which are supported by direct emailing and the Club’s website. The purpose of this is to keep its members connected with each other, as well as to the College.

The Old Dovorian Trust is a registered charity established by Old Dovorians in May 1980 for the advancement of education, and is the Charity Division of the Old Dovorian Club. The Trust intends to support the college in its aim of getting the best out of everyone.

The present Trustees are Richard Foxwell, Roger Kagan, Richard Robinson and John Sinclair. 

The Trust receives covenants, donations and legacies, mainly from ODs, and uses them for charitable purposes connected with Dover College. Its stated purpose is to support the College in its aim of getting the best out of everyone, through expanding the quality of education and the quality of life of the students.

In recent years the Trust has bought sports and musical equipment for the school as well as contributing towards the costs of refurbishment of two boarding houses, the refectory and the chapel.  In future, as the Trust grows, it is planned to increase the activities to help the College:

  • In 2013, £6,000 was given towards the refurbishment of boarding house kitchens
  • In 2014, the Trust paid for the team boards in the Maxton Cricket Pavilion to be refurbished and purchased a bowling machine
  • In 2015, £20,000 was provided towards the refurbishment of the Chapel
  • In 2015, £20,000 was provided towards the refurbishment of the Refectory
  • In 2020, £15,000 towards IT equipment for the new classrooms in the Leo Wright Extension
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