"The choice of school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. Therefore, our streamlined admissions process never loses sight of the young person at the heart of each application. We always look forward to getting to know them and celebrating the achievements they will make with us."


Entry is Seamless

Here at Dover College we have high standards and expectations but will select pupils on potential as much as on present ability. We do not believe in pre-testing or the 11+ system for entry to the Senior School, which can label children early in their academic careers and cause more harm than good. You would imagine such a system would affect results, but you would be wrong. Our A-level, GCSE and BTEC grades are commensurate with competitor independent schools across the South East and we regularly outperform the local grammar schools.

In addition, our value-added results, where pupils achieve grades far higher than originally predicted upon entry to the College, are among the best in the UK. There is a reason for that. We nurture pupils, and encourage them to succeed in an environment that exudes warmth and positivity – and we encourage them to constantly think differently.

Ms Alison Wilson
Director of Admissions and Marketing  

The Admissions Process

Nothing will demonstrate the happy and vibrant environment we have at Dover College better than a visit. You will have the chance to meet our Headmaster as well as have a tour of our facilities. Please let us know what your child is interested in so that we can make the absolute best of your time here. You can book a visit here.

Should you feel that Dover College is a suitable school for your child, our Admissions Team will be glad to send you the registration paperwork. At this stage, we will also require copies of your child’s two previous school reports, a copy of their birth certificate or passport and the non-refundable registration fee of £100.

If your child receives any form of learning support, then please include this information at the time of registering and send us a copy of the most current educational psychologist’s report. A meeting will then be arranged with our own SENCO in order to assess the level of support needed and whether or not we are in a position to provide it.

We are proudly non-selective and do not have entrance exams. Assessment for Senior School is done via the school reports sent at the time of registration as well as an interview with the Headmaster or another member of the Senior Leadership Team. For Nursery or Prep School entry, all children are required to have at least one taster session before an offer can be made. All Senior School entrants will be offered a taster day in the term before entry.

If the interview or taster session is successful, we will send you an offer of a place along with a copy of our Parent Contract and the acceptance paperwork. A place is confirmed on receipt of the signed acceptance forms and the £500 advance payment. This sum is then deducted from the first invoice.

Prep School

Senior School

Scholarships & Bursaries