The Senior School Day

The School day for the Senior School pupils commences at 8.30 am with registration in houses. This is followed by Assembly (on Mondays), Chapel (on Thursdays) or time with tutors. Teaching starts promptly at 9.00 am each day, to maximise pupils’ alertness and concentration. Each lesson is 40 minutes in length with a break mid-morning and at lunchtime.

Our timetable offers a considerable amount of contact time, particularly in core subjects. All pupils have timetabled tutor periods, which allows tutors dedicated time to monitor and support the academic progress of the pupils under their care. 

All activities and games sessions take place in the afternoon with every child having a minimum of three hours of games lessons each week. 

The school day officially ends at 4.20 pm for day pupils, but a great many remain at school until 5.30 pm for after-school clubs or to complete prep. School transport departs at 5.30 pm. 

Day pupils are asked to attend school for a few hours to assist with Open Mornings (usually three Saturday mornings per year).

Houses & Boarding