iPads for Learning

In 2021 we embarked on a 1:1 iPad scheme for all pupils from Prep 3 to Upper Sixth. Pupils in Early Years, Prep 1 and Prep 2 have access to a bank of shared iPads. Our aim is to prepare pupils for a digital age, to provide opportunities for collaboration and explore innovative new ways for them to learn.

We are proud of how the programme is running and the novel new ways our pupils and staff are finding to enhance the learning experience. We use the Google Suite for Education and Satchel One extensively. 

Our regular surveys of pupils and staff have been very positive, with the results showing higher levels of engagement in lessons and pupils enjoying the different ways their teachers encourage iPad use in lessons:

“I have been able to research things online with more ease, and have been able to communicate more readily with my teachers.”

“Satchel One is useful, as it allows me to keep on top of my prep and helps me with my organisation.”

“My iPad allowed me to create presentations and pieces of work more creatively and easily.” 

Parents have also praised the iPad scheme:

“Satchel One lets me know what prep my child has and instantly notifies me of any behaviour points issued at school.”

When Apple technology is deeply integrated into learning, pupils can find new ways to work together, communicate and create, and develop personalised paths for understanding and applying their knowledge to the world around them. The Apple Teacher Qualification will help our teachers learn how to make the most of the iPad and a wide variety of apps and materials, to design and deliver lessons that create more ‘a-ha’ moments for every pupil.

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