continuity of education

Our priority is to safeguard our community and ensure the continuous provision of excellent education for our pupils on site and, where necessary, through our highly successful distance learning arrangements. Our pupils continue to follow a full timetable during any time away from the College. An example of our Prep School provision can be found here.

Our microsite, Dover College Online, provides pupils with access to a range of academic enrichment and co-curricular activities which they can engage with whilst away from the College. It complements the full timetable of lessons, accessed via Google Meet and Google Classroom, available to them.

We continue to follow, and in many cases, exceed the advice of the Department of Education and Public Health England.

We  update parents directly, as and when necessary, by email in the usual way.

The Dover College Safeguarding and Child Protection COVID-19 Addendum can be found here

The Dover College COVID-19 Risk Assessment can be found here