"The physical education timetable and co-curricular programmes provide a wide range of sporting and physical exercise opportunities."


A Sport Programme For All

Our aim is to give every pupil at Dover College the best sporting opportunity, whilst endeavouring to help each individual fulfil their potential. In doing so we hope to promote a positive, lifelong approach to sport and fitness but also promote excellence for those who choose to pursue an activity to a higher level. We are able to achieve this by providing an extensive provision of activities. Rugby, football and cricket are the major sports for boys, and hockey, netball and rounders are the major sports for girls. Outside of these main options we also offer golf, horse riding, sailing, badminton, gym, esports and much more.

At Dover College, we aim to be competitive across all sports but also emphasise the importance of equal opportunity, full participation and fair play through both team and individual games. This approach ensures all children are given the same opportunity whilst also developing a competitive spirit. When recognising emerging talent within school sports we not only encourage participation at local clubs to further development but will also enrol pupils into district or county trials.

The vast number of sporting opportunities reflect the College’s belief that sport, in some form, should be an integral part of a pupil’s school life. This is made possible through contributions from various members of the teaching staff as well as input from external coaches.

Sport is not only valued for the health benefits and well-being of our pupils, but also for the enormous benefits it brings to teamwork, interpersonal skills and confidence.

The main sports in each term are as follows:

Michaelmas Term
Boys: Football
Girls: Hockey

Lent Term
Boys: Rugby
Girls: Netball

Summer Term
Boys: Cricket
Girls: Rounders

Houses & Boarding

Round Square