Short Stay Places

Short Stay Programme

Join the Short Stay Programme at Dover College and experience life at a leading UK boarding school that is both traditional and forward- thinking. We have a beautiful and historic campus, just 10 minutes from the beach and within easy reach of London on the high speed train.

You are welcome to choose from different short stay programmes ranging from half a term to a whole academic year. Our short-term pupils are always welcome to extend their stay with us. Once you are at the College, your place is guaranteed if you wish to stay longer. During your stay at Dover College, you will be fully integrated into life in our vibrant community.

Our dedicated teachers will help you make great strides with both your academic studies and level of English. In addition, we have a wide range of co-curricular activities for you to get involved in wholeheartedly. Are you keen on sport? Perhaps you would like to try our team games, or enjoy something slightly different such as sailing or horse riding? How about music or drama? Our regular performances, concerts and productions will give you the chance to shine. At the same time, you will enjoy being part of one of our warm and friendly boarding houses.