"The pastoral structures and systems throughout the school mean that pastoral care of pupils is well informed, focused and attentive. As a result, pupils feel cared for and valued as members of an inclusive and understanding community."


Our Approach

Based in Kent, Dover College has been educating young people for over 150 years. Today we are a co-educational day and boarding school for children aged 3-18 years of age. The Christian faith has been at the heart of Dover College’s spiritual identity since the School was founded. In the 21st Century, multi-cultural Britain, we seek to remain true to those Christian foundations, whilst welcoming those from a variety of faith backgrounds (or none). Pupils are encouraged to be open-minded and think for themselves as they encounter the Christian faith in the Chapel and on other informal occasions. The spiritual aim of the College is to nurture faith where it exists while arousing curiosity in all pupils towards their spiritual dimension.

We offer a vibrant national and international community, committed to academic excellence and providing a holistic education. But doesn’t every school in our sector do the same thing? What makes us different?

  • There is a strong family atmosphere and pupils are supportive of each other to help learn and succeed;
  • Our open door policy is a strong feature of the school, providing pupils with a sense of well-being and security;
  • The school fosters pupil leadership, with pupils looking out for one another and the wider community;
  • The sharing of good practice is vital in guaranteeing robust safeguarding for our pupils
  • The School encourages the philosophy of the Round Square organisation, namely Internationalism, Democracy, Environmental, Activity, Leadership and Service

Personal Best

What do we mean by Personal Best?

It is our belief that as a parent, or a school, we can ask no more of our children than for them to achieve their best – in the classroom, in their personal development, on stage, in sports or in the varied activities they engage in daily. At Dover College, personal bests matter and these look different for each and every child. 

There is no better time than at school to start ticking off items on the list of things we wish to achieve. There are so many opportunities during school years to learn, develop, push yourself out of your comfort zone, try something new, take a risk or master that which you choose to focus on. Whether it is securing a place at a top university, turning a 5 into a 6 in Geography, winning a national competition or making a best friend for life, we are proud of the personal bests we see being achieved each time and every day.

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