Nothing gives a truer impression of a school than the feelings of our parents and pupils. We hope you enjoy reading these testimonials.

Everybody has made such an effort in making us feel welcome at Dover College. It has been amazing to see such a transformation in our son this year compared with previous years in his old school, and our daughter never stops surprising us with what she has learnt. We are so pleased with the progress they have made this year and in our opinion it is worth every penny. It has been difficult at times keeping up with the busy schedule, but it is so fulfilling for our children and we have enjoyed attending events. Breakfast club is also a big hit in our house so thanks to Jo, Gerry and the rest of the team who are so cheery so early in the morning. Both of us have made some really lovely friends and it is such a nice relaxed family atmosphere that only comes with a lot of effort from the staff.

We are really looking forward to seeing our son and daughter flourish next year and would like to thank all the staff at the junior school for all their hard work.

Mr & Mrs Collinson – Daughter in Prep 2 & Son in Prep 6

This will be our fifth child to have attended, at some point, a private school, and without a doubt, this has been our most satisfying experience. Our youngest son has spent the last two years at Dover College, and will shortly be moving up to the Senior School.

From his first taster day, to these last days in Junior School, he has been welcomed, loved and supported. This was first displayed by every staff member we met (from the head teacher right through to the canteen and cleaning staff); but quickly we realised it flowed right down through the children, and even the other parents we met. It’s quite hard to pin-point actually, only to say Dover College to us, is a very special school. Where else would you hear the head teacher reading every single child in the school a personal message highlighting their positive attributes, during the final prize giving ceremony? (Took a bit of time, but it was so worth it!)

There has never been a time where I have been anything but thrilled we made the decision to enrol him. On the very rare occasion we’ve needed help, it has been dealt with immediately and robustly, and we’ve been completely satisfied with the outcome. We have felt respected and informed as parents. We are extremely happy and grateful, and have high expectations for our son’s further growth and development during this next, exciting phase in his Dover College life.

Dr & Mrs Richter – Son in 3rd Form

Hi, my name is Lili and I have been at Dover College for three months. I am so happy that I found this school because here there are so many open and friendly people.

There is so much here for you academically. If you like to do something creative, Textiles, Art and Design Technology lessons are perfect for you. Science at Dover College is also fantastic with so many interesting activities. Here you learn everything about Biology, Chemistry and Physics after school you can choose between many sports, for example Hockey, Horse Riding, Swimming … . Every Saturday there is something special for example ice skating, trip to London or laser tag, it is so amazing.

Dover College has so much wonderful and interesting history. Being in the Great Hall makes you feel like you are in Harry Potter.

Also the boarding houses are fantastic, especially Duckworth (my house) is super, the housemistress Mrs. Butt lives with her two children and Mr. Butt next door and is there for you all the time.

Miss Marie lives also next door and helps you where she can.

Your English will be so much better if you go to a boarding school. As you can see Dover College is perfect for you so I can‘t wait to see you there.

Lili - 4th Form pupil from Germany