All students are entitled to careers education, information, advice, and guidance as part of their Dover College journey, and our careers programme has been developed to meet the needs of all pupils, for however long they are with us. We are committed to ensuring that our pupils acquire the necessary values, skills, and knowledge to appropriately develop and manage their careers learning and aspirations. Our careers programme ensures that all pupils are able to make informed, independent, and ambitious decisions at each key transition point. They leave us equipped with the confidence and skills needed to help them navigate their chosen pathway and the world of work. Pupils receive a comprehensive programme of careers education delivered through tutorials, workshops, assemblies,  Laborem in subject lessons and in one-off events.

The careers programme for Prep School and Senior School is presented in the form of their journey through education into the wider world. 

Our Careers programme ensures all pupils:

  • Develop their understanding of the full range of employment, education, and training options available
  • Make informed choices about their future options based on relevant Labour Market Information, meaningful encounters with employers and education providers, and impartial information and advice
  • Develop key transferable employability skills to help them excel in the current labour market
  • Develop the tools to evaluate personal strengths and skills in order to make appropriate and aspirational decisions about their future
  • Leave us equipped with the knowledge, ambition, and confidence to successfully pursue their chosen career pathway

All pupils are entitled to, and will receive:

  • A comprehensive programme of CEIAG delivered through tutorials, workshops, assemblies, Laborem, enrichment, curriculum alignment, and stand-alone events
  • Comprehensive programmes of personalised support and access to independent and impartial information and guidance on the full range of careers, education, and training options available to enable them to manage and plan each key transition point effectively including GCSE Options, Post-16 Choices and Post-18 decision making including applications to university and apprenticeships.
  • The opportunity to take part in meaningful encounters with a broad range of employers, education providers, and training providers
  • CEIAG support that addresses their individual needs, with particular attention paid to students with individual needs.

The Gatsby Benchmarks

The objectives of our Careers programme are mapped against the Gatsby Foundation Benchmarks of Good Careers Guidance and are as follows:

  1. To ensure that all pupils at Dover College receive a stable careers programme.
  2. To enable all pupils to learn from up-to-date information provided by the career and labour market.
  3. To provide a CEIAG programme that addresses the needs of each individual pupil.
  4. To link the curriculum learning to careers learning.
  5. To provide pupils with a series of meaningful encounters with employers and employees.
  6. To provide pupils with experience(s) of workplace(s).
  7. To ensure that pupils have a series of encounters with further and higher education.
  8. To provide each pupils with the opportunity to receive independent personal guidance.

We have developed our careers provision over the last 18 months to ensure that we meet, and continue to meet all eight of the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Click here to read how we meet The Gatsby Benchmarks. 

Read our CEIAG and Provider Access Policy.

Impact Measurement & Evaluation

We continually measure and assess the impact of our careers programme by collecting and evaluating feedback from a variety of stakeholders including pupils, staff, parents, and providers.

A programme of monitoring and self-assessment is in place and the careers provision is reviewed annually using collected data and the Compass evaluation tool. We measure the effectiveness of the programme with reference to our destinations data in comparison to national and equivalent figures.

We are currently working towards the Investor in Careers Quality in Careers Award which will ensure excellence in provision for all our pupils.