Prep School Day

Pupils begin to arrive at school from 8.15am onwards, unless they have been to our Breakfast Club in the Refectory. Children congregate in the Prep school playground before the school day officially begins at 8.20am when the school bell is rung. Then, pupils line up before moving into their classrooms for registration.

Twice a week, the Prep School comes together in the College chapel. One of these services is led by a member of staff supported by the Headmaster and Prep School Deputy Head and celebrates the successes of the week. In addition, pupils in Prep 3 upwards join together with the senior school for one service each week.

Morning Lessons

The first lesson starts at 8:40am. Lessons are 40 minutes each and there are two lessons leading up to morning break, which is 30 minutes long when the children are free to play outside. There follows a further two lessons, until lunch which starts at 12.15pm in the college’s Refectory. After pupils have eaten they are free to play, supervised by Prep School staff, until afternoon lessons begin. Muddy Knees to Prep 2 have the Prep School playground to themselves during this time, whilst Prep 3 to 6 have the enviable position of either the Astro or our magnificent Close area to exercise, play and explore.

Afternoon Lessons

Following a five-minute registration at 1.20pm, there are four lessons, ending at 4pm when pupils may be collected to go home, having signed out with the teacher on duty. However, a significant number of children choose to stay and take part in our extensive after schools activities programme from 4pm-5.20pm.

The school day officially ends at 5.20pm. Pupils sign out with the teacher on duty or are met by their bus driver to take one the school buses home.