Leavers' Destinations

Students at Dover College receive a high level of guidance to help them plan their futures, and this has led, year on year, to ongoing success in relation to students’ destinations.  With over 80% of our students going to university directly from school our Pathway to University is a definite success. Whilst most of our students choose to stay in the UK to study their degrees, university destinations include those in Europe, the USA and beyond.

Not all of those wanting to study for a degree go directly from their sixth form studies.  Our Pathway to Gap Year programme enables students to get detailed planning support for their gap years. Students have gone on to travel, completed voluntary opportunities or tried the workplace before going on to complete their degree.

Our success rate for students going on to apprenticeships or the workplace is equally high. Students have moved into the competitive financial sectors, education, hospitality, sports and leisure and many other sectors.

For those going into highly competitive careers or degrees we have a very high level of success with specialist preparation programmes for all students who need that extra level of support in their career planning.

For detailed information about our students’ destinations please use these links:

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