Preparation For Tomorrow's World

Pupils at Dover College are entitled to the best possible objective advice about their choice of courses and careers. Careers advice is delivered throughout the College’s curriculum, through the PHSE lessons and through the programme of individual guidance coordinated and managed by our highly qualified Head of Careers.

The Careers Programme is supported with a range of relevant and up-to-date materials in our Careers Library. Through printed and electronic media, pupils have access to all relevant information as well as advice about Higher and Further Education and training. Pupils are encouraged to make use of this facility, which is available on an open-access basis.

In the Lower Sixth, pupils:

  • Are given information and guidance on university choice through Tutorial sessions, Careers events, the L6th form week and individually;
  • Are encouraged to visit a wide range of universities;
  • Have the UCAS process explained to them

In the Upper Sixth:

  • Formal applications (UCAS and related documents) are completed in September under guidance from Common Room, with additional support from the Careers Coordinator, Head of 6th Form and Housemasters;
  • A record is automatically kept of how applications are progressing on the UCAS Website

Our Professional Programme offers pupils the opportunity to study BTEC/National Technicals qualifications, which are more vocational in their nature. Dover College is leading the way and is one of the very few independent schools ensuring that our pupils are fully prepared for Higher Education as well as the world of work.

Within these courses, pupils will be able to put their knowledge and skills into real life scenarios and there will be opportunities for work experience.

Pupils in the Sixth Form will also be introduced to sector leading enrichment programmes and will also complete an Extended Project Qualification. With these enrichment options, the aim is that pupils will develop the critical skills and mindset to succeed in a workplace that is becoming ever more automated.

Sixth Form experience

Head of Sixth Form