The secret of success in the Sixth Form is to embrace as many opportunities as possible. We do not just want to teach you subjects, we want to help you develop a growth mind-set. What we mean by that is that we, not only want to build up your knowledge and empower your understanding, but want you to become confident, self-managing, self-aware and reflective learners. These are the traits that will prepare you for possible further studying and, in for your future career and life in general.

With the EPQ qualification, you will undertake a project in which you can choose your own subject, your own topic and your own method. In your free periods, you will be free to organise your workload. You will also be free to choose whichever game or sporting activity you wish to do. You have not had so much freedom in your whole schooling!

But, beware: with freedom, come choices and this is where you need to have goals, a positive attitude and your own systems in place which supports your efforts and working practices. This is why we have introduced the Laborem programme during which you will follow a programme of activities which are designed to help you to adopt a “Sixth Form mindset” and become critical thinkers.

Over and above a wide academic offer, which encompasses different types of equally valuable courses, you will be exposed to many opportunities in the enrichment programme and will continue to “grow”, by trying something new, developing new skills, leading and collaborating with others.

Our committed teachers and House staff will support you at an individual level. As Head of Sixth Form I will not just tell you that “you need to study harder”, but through guidance, personal coaching, care and expertise, will ensure that you unleash your academic potential and have an unforgettable experience which will shape the rest of your life.

Mrs Samantha Lee
Head of Sixth Form

Careers Guidance

Sixth Form experience