1940 - 1980

Renwick’s successor, ADC Peterson, was Headmaster for just three years but he made one very significant and innovative change to the College – in 1958, he opened an International Faculty. The College has subsequently maintained strong international links. Today it has a modern, well-equipped International Study Centre opened in 2001. Later in his career, Peterson was instrumental in creating the International Baccalaureate – an examination system now used worldwide – and subsequently became Professor of Education at Oxford University.

During the era of Headmaster Tim Cobb, the Sports Hall and the Kent Block were added and the decision to admit girls into the College was taken. In 1974, by which time David Cope was Headmaster, Dover College became one of the first English Public Schools to go fully co-educational. Girls were introduced into Duckworth House and in 1993 into St Martin’s House, the College’s original boys’ boarding House. David Cope was a young innovative and dynamic headmaster. Under his leadership, the College reached its largest size of 420 pupils.